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The W.D. Packard Foundation, a component fund of the Community Foundation of Western PA & Eastern OH, a 501(c)(3) public charity, strives to improve our quality of life in the greater Warren, Ohio community through active projects ranging from renovations and capital improvements to public awareness, community involvement and education in and around the Packard Park and Music Hall.


Originally formed to assist the W.D. Packard Music Hall in underwriting and programming of live shows for the Greater-Warren community, The Foundation’s goal was always to ensure the future of the landmarks left behind by William Packard.  Founder of the Packard Motor Company, William Doud Packard believed that not only industry formed the lifeblood of his community, but also the essential infusion of musical culture, arts and entertainment.  His gifts to our community reflect his beliefs, and the citizens are his benefactors.  It is with this principle that William Doud, affectionately known as “W.D.” founded the W.D. Packard Music Hall and Packard Park in Warren Ohio. 


Since the Park’s creation in 1915,  and with the addition of the Packard Music Hall in 1955, this hallowed ground along the Mahoning River has been the home of the W.D. Packard Concert Band and the epicenter of music concerts, theatre, stage shows, ballet, gala balls, and graduations among many other cultural events in Trumbull County.


It is the W.D. Packard Foundation’s goal to support projects that carry on W.D.’s Legacy and The Foundation is proud to be an active partner, supporting projects and initiative along with The W.D. Packard Park and Music Hall Board of Trustees, The W.D. Packard Band, The City of Warren, JAC Management and more.

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